About Me

My name is Savannah Mcclure and I am the founder lao hostel, a platform where you can find out about different destinations to travel to and useful travelling tips! This is the right place for you to fuel your desire to travel as well and learn how to do it despite your hectic schedule.

I am serial travel addicts and have lived in 5 countries and had adventures through 46 but I still seek for more.

I am here to tell you your life does not have to fit in a box. You don’t have to live behind the picket fence, slave away at that full-time job that sucks you dry, and the monotonous peak hour traffic runs.

You can have the picket fence and a job you love if that’s your jam, but, we’re pretty sure you at least want to escape your everyday life for weekend getaways or a three-week vacation every year. Why not? It brings you joy, adventure, and long-lasting memories.

I truly understand your dreams, hopes, fears and challenges. I hope that I will help you find ways to unplug from the chaos, to reconnect to joy and what’s really important for you, and how to travel more and create better memories.

Stay with me for more updates as we continue to travel on!