Aug 082018

Things You Must Know Before Travelling in Southeast Asia

Things You Must Know Before Travelling in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a popular travel destination, especially for those who enjoy backpacking. The convenient costs of travel make it the perfect place for budget-conscious travelers to country-hop.

In comparison to the cost of things in the rest of the world, Southeast Asia has an incredibly low cost of living. You can live a full day on less than $10. Living luxuriously there will still only cost you about $100 a day at most. Things that would cost hundreds in most places will cost you far less there.

However, there are a few things that you should know and prepare for before heading out. Let’s take a look!

Triple Check Your Visa Requirements

Your trip will be a concise one if you don’t make absolutely sure that you’re prepared to enter the country you’re heading for. This step is especially important to sort out early if you wish to travel to several countries in a row.

The majority of countries in Southeast Asia require you to have a visa beforehand, while some allow you to stay for 30 days before needing one.

You must make sure to check the visa requirements for every country you will travel through (including layovers just to be sure) based on the country you come from. Every country has a different standard for visas depending on where you’re from.

Respect Cultural Differences

Recently there has been a number of media disputes because of foreign tourists making a mess of things in Southeast Asian countries. These people have entered another land and another culture without any understanding of the customs they should be following.

In the same way, as you would want someone to follow your customs in your own country, you should also research and prepare yourself to follow theirs. Don’t be one of these people that expects everyone in another country to bow to their ways or else tourism may become less easily available.

Seek Out the Real Parts of the Country

Don’t always go to the tourist traps where everyone else is. Venture out to the parts of the country where foreigners rarely tread and experience the true ways and culture of the country.

While fancy resorts and cocktails are enticing, there is much more to be seen than that.


Property Management


If you plan to travel long-term, renting out your properties is a great way to earn a sustainable income during the trip! If you own a property, even the one you’re currently living in, it is within your reach to earn some cash during your time away. 

There are easy landscaping ways to help improve property value that you could undertake before your trip in order to get the best price for your property.

Aside from that, it’s a simple matter of finding an agent (preferably someone you know you can trust) to look after your assets while you’re away. Trust me, there’s nothing better than earning money for something that you don’t have to maintain yourself!